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Bo District,
Sierra Leone
The friendship link between Bo District in Sierra Leone and Warwick District, UK
Warwick District,
United Kingdom


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Teachers’ visit celebrates school links

Teachers from St Patricks’ Primary and Emscote Infants School, visited their counterparts in Bo with funding from the British Council’s ‘Connecting Classrooms’ programme. They had a busy ten days, coordinated by OWL’s Liz Garrett and Jenny Bailey, visiting their partner schools and running workshops for teachers. They took with them football team kits for all 14 linked schools, causing great excitement. Click the picture below to see more...

The visit was about more than classroom activities and included a meeting with the Mayor of Bo and with a Paramount Chief, a visit to the hospital (“impressively clean and well resourced”) and seeing a newly–completed well for Sewa Road School. “Bo is clearly developing and improving at a pace!” said Liz.

There are lots more photos of their visit online: (these open in a new window)



OWL Welcomes Harold Tucker, Mayor of Bo.

Since being elected Mayor of Bo at the beginning of 2013 Harold Tucker has continued to promote the close relationship between Bo and Warwick districts. OWL hosted him for a two–week programme in October and November 2013 with visits to schools, council facilities, youth activities and many more. He met the mayors of Warwick District, Leamington Spa, Warwick and Kenilworth.

In addition to the long–established activities of the link, including the expanded waste–management programme, he is keen to promote cooperation with the Fire and Rescue Service and services for children with disabilities and for the aged.

Mayor Harold Tucker speaking at the OWL AGM
Mayor Harold Tucker speaking at the OWL AGM

At OWL’s AGM, Harold spoke warmly of the 30–year relationship between our communities, describing it as not just a link but a partnership. He responded frankly to questions about local government facilities and finance in Bo.

In a reflection on his visit he wrote “It is such a difficult task describing how sad I am to be leaving very kind people like you. But, at least I’m glad that I’m lucky enough to have accomplished something that makes saying goodbye so hard.Read his report...


Maternity link with Sierra Leone

“Sierra Leone is one of the worst places in the world to have a baby. Women have a 1:8 chance of dying as a direct result. We feel it is our responsibility, as world leaders in Health Care, to share our knowledge and skills to improve these statistics.”

The Alexandra Hospital (Worcestershire Acute NHS Trust) has formed a Maternity Health Link with the Lumley Government Hospital in Freetown. The aim of the Link is to improve the maternity services offered in that hospital by providing on–going training and support to the staff working there. Read more about their link.


Doris Frizzel Memorial Park, Bo

Doris Frizzel made a generous legacy to One World Link which has helped to fund many of our recent activities. The biggest single project has been to buy land and build house as a long-term investment. It will be let out to raise steady income for Bo OWL. The area has been named in Doris’s memory and the building was commissioned in a ceremony addressed by Mayor Tucker of Bo City (who visited OWL UK recently – see story above), Mr. Joseph Mundu Bindi, Chairman Bo District Council, and John Archer, Chairman of OWL UK.

Commissioning  first building, Doris Frizzel Memorial Park, Bo, Dec 2013The first building, Doris Frizzel Memorial Park, Bo


Video of Paul School Choir, Bo


Teaching about Development?

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A difficult year – but with positives

The Chairman’s report for 2014

The problems created by the terrible disease of Ebola have caused a great deal of personal tragedy within Sierra Leone as a whole as well as within Bo itself. Yet our long association yielded positives. For example we had a successful visit from three Bo teachers and the waste project in Bo continues despite the crisis as you can see elsewhere on this page. Read the Chairman’s report ...


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The Clean Streets of Bo

The streets of Bo City are cleaner than ever thanks to their waste management programme in which One World Link and Warwickshire County Council have played a vital role. A photographic report by DFID (UK government aid) shows litter–free streets in all parts of the city. OWL and WCC supported Bo City Council in setting up a pilot project for waste management and now that project has been extended with support from DFID with results that you can see in these pictures. See their report... 2015 clean streets of Bo


OWL Youth Group welcomes visitors from Bo

Four members of the One World Link Youth Group in Bo, Sierra Leone, visited us for two weeks in July. This followed the very succesful trip of 10 Warwick District young people to Bo last year.

Bo OWL youth group and friends in Leamington

This return visit included community work with homeless young people, visits to local link schools, a trip to Parliament to see our MP, as well as a social trip away with British youth group members to the Wye Valley. The video below captures the spirit of the two visits.

The Sierra Leonean visitors recorded their impressions of their visit to the UK – the things and sounds that surprised and interested them:

The visitors recorded their impressions

There are many opportunities for people of all ages to get involved with activities with our friends from Bo. If you are interested in getting involved, we are always especially keen on new interested young people, please get in touch with Catherine, our Youth Coordinator – youth@oneworldlink.org.uk.

See more on the Groups page ...  


TTIP, Trade and the Developing World

Thursday 3 September at 6.45 p.m. in ChristChurch Hall, Priory Terrace, Leamington, CV31 1BA

TTIP – the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership – is seen by some as a key to prosperity in Europe and North America. Others fear it is the latest move towards a world governed by corporations rather than democratic nations. Westerners may worry, but might its effect on developing countries be even more concerning? Will it make the playing field even more uneven for them? Is globalised trade ever a good thing for the poor? And what about environmental impacts?

Two complementary presentations and a discussion by two distinguished individuals will provide insights and views that will challenge and inform.

Yash Tandon

Yash Tandon is from Uganda and has worked as an academic, a teacher, a political thinker, a rural development worker, a civil society activist, and an institution builder. He was involved in the democratic struggles in Uganda and was member of the interim Uganda Parliament (1979-80). His latest book is “Trade is War – The West’s War Against the World”, which Noam Chomsky describes as an impressive and powerful study

Professor Robert Elliot

Robert Elliott is a Professor of Economics at Birmingham University. He is an applied economist who works at the intersection of international economics, development economics, environmental and energy economics and international business. He writes extensively on international trade, China and the environment.

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Day of the African Child

2014 Day of African Child banners
The visiting teachers presented banners

St Patrick’s school hosted a day of huge fun and a lot of learning for some 500 children from thirteen schools in the Warwick and Leamington area. They joined in drumming, sports, singing and dancing, and heard traditional tales from the visiting Sierra Leonean teachers. On a serious note, they learned of the origin of the International Day of the African Child in commemorating the shooting of school children in Soweto in 1976 and considered the need for schools for children everywhere and whatever their abilities or disabilities. Finally they held a grand parade with banners proclaiming their links with schools in Bo and sang and danced in a great display of exuberant enthusiasm. Read a report...

2014 Day of African Child singing
You are my brother, You are my friend.
You are my sister, Our love should never end.


Waste Management Team plan the next stage in Bo

Following the success of the waste management pilot project in Bo, Glenn Fleet of Warwickshire County Council reports on his return visit to help Bo City Council plan the next stage of waste management.

“In June of this year Derek Greedy and I had a further opportunity to visit Bo for a week to evaluate the usage of the council present landfill sites. We had been asked to look at the two sites that are presently used and have the potential for disposing of Bo City’s waste. The UK Government are paying for this project and are using an NGO called Welt Hungerhilfe and we are supporting them.

Waste Management Bag making
A small business making bags from recycled materials

“Another part to the project is supporting small business develop in using recyclable materials. A number businesses applied for support. The support covered small amount for tools, but mainly skills base learning in Marketing and Developing the business. The photograph shows you one of the winning business that make bags out of water bags, that keep the inter bag dry.” Read more ...


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Loads of Links

We have added lots of new links relating to Sierra Leone about diamonds, football, art, culture, tourism, schools and more. See the Contacts & Links page


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