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2013 Big Africa Event, 10 November Postcard Picture Exhibition Newsletter, June 2007
2012 Postcard Picture Exhibition Kip Warr's report on a visit to Bo, April
2011 Archive Event, 9 June What The Link has meant to me, V Smith
2010 Warwick OWL Local Authority Group visit Bo and develop Action Plan Jane Knight's visit to Bo, July
2009 Jane Knight's visit to Bo, November
2008 Jane Knight's report on Local Authority Visit to Bo, November
2007 Newsletter, Oct 2007
2006 Annual Report 2007
2005 The Anniversary Programme and Picture Exhibition
2003 Sound Recordings made during the 25th Anniversary Year
2002 Click on the 'play' button to listen to the recording (NB the recordings are large files - see [file sizes] and may take some minutes to download)  
2001 Ben Smith play Early days of the link; personal friendships and relationshops; mutual benefits of the link. [2.5MB] 
2000 Ahmadiya School and ex-chairman of Bo OWL          
1999 Bishop Patrick Koroma play Bonds between people and churches.  Medical and educational links in the early days.  Support to Sierra Leone
1998 Former Parish Priest, Bo   students in the UK. [2.5MB]           
1997 Bob Kattah play Experience of his first visit to Warwick District and hopes for links with his school. [1.9MB]
1996 Headmaster of Bo Secondary School          
1995 ^top David Ngombu play Founding and development of the link.  Problems during the civil war. [3.5MB]
1994 Secretary, Bo OWL              
1993 Fr Peter Conteh play Overcoming poor communications.  Feelings of 'family' in the link.  Sharing experiences between schools.
1992 St Mary's Childrens Home   The voluntary effort. [3.5MB]          
1991 Hassan Feika play Peace Festivals in Leamington and Bo. Personal friendships and mutual confidence. [1.9MB]
1990 Bo Peace & Reconciliation Movement          
1989 Joe Kobbah play The evolution of the link and inception of the OWL Community Centre, Bo.  Friendship, volunteering, global 
1988 ex-Chairman, Bo OWL   citizenship. [5MB]          
1987 Johannes Mallah play The route to personal involvement.  The nature of partnership.  Understanding and misunderstanding.
1986 Chairman, Bo OWL   OWL as an example for other links. [7.8MB]      
1985 Jusufu Manserey play Early activities and visits in the link. The relationship between Bo and Warwick Districts. [2.5MB]
1984 Founder member, Bo OWL              
1983 Katherine play Visitors to Bo.  Assistance to Bo during and since the civil war. Kayoma Women's Development Organisation.
1982 Social Secretary, Bo OWL   25th Anniversary celebrations. [4MB]        
1981 Maada Fobay play Friendship and improved understanding.[1MB]
1980 Treasurer, Bo OWL              
1979 Moussa Conteh MP play Global interests.  Linguistic, cultural and practical similarities between peoples and mutual influence.  Civil war. [5MB]
Founder member play The ups and downs of the link.  The symbolic and practical benefits of the OWL Community Centre, Bo. [2.7MB]
  play The non-political nature of the link.  The importance of religious and secular involvement. [2.7MB]    
Shaiku Kamaria play Personal reminiscences of a visit to Warwick.  Hopes for future schools link. [1.1MB]
Visited Warwick              
Theresa Bangali play Involvement in the link.  The relevance of social and religious relationships. [1.8MB]
Vice-Chair, Bo OWL play Leamington's Bath Place as an inspiration for Kayome Women's Development Organisation.  Microcredit programme and liberating women from drudgery. Gifts from Warwick. Plans for a training centre. [3.7MB]
Bill Evans play His visits to Bo in 2001 and 2005: involvement in projects. [1.8MB]
^top Former Chair, Wariwck Owl play The Civil War, the Community Centre and fundraising. [1.8MB]
and Former Mayor, Leamington play Personal reminiscences. [2.8MB]